This interface represents the structure of a Portal Permission.

Note that if the logged in user has no permissions associated with a given portal, no actions can be taken including listing files within a portal.


  • PortalPermissions


createdOn: Date

Creation date of the permissions given to the user

folders: [{ id: string; isUserHome: true; path: string; permissions: { canDelete: boolean; canDownload: boolean; canUpload: boolean } }]

Home and Linked folders this user has access to with the corresponding permissions

msAccountId: string

Media Shuttle Account Id

permissions: { canDeliveryAutomatically: boolean; canSendFromShare: boolean }

Permissions assigned to this user's portal

Type declaration

  • canDeliveryAutomatically: boolean
  • canSendFromShare: boolean
portalId: string

Unique Identifier of the Media Shuttle Portal

type: string

Type of portal

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