@signiant/media-shuttle-sdk - v1.0.1

Media Shuttle SDK

The Media Shuttle SDK is a Typescript-based development module that allows customers with Enterprise subscriptions to develop a high-speed transfer application to upload files to and download files from Media Shuttle Share portals.

The Media Shuttle SDK provides the ability to authenticate using the Signiant Platform, select an account and portal, browse the portal contents, and upload or download files using the Signiant App to accelerate the transfer.

Note: The Signiant App is required to upload and download files using the Media Shuttle SDK.

Integrating the Media Shuttle SDK

The Media Shuttle SDK is intended for use with JavaScript frameworks. React and the create-react-app toolchain are recommended.

The Media Shuttle SDK documentation uses TypeScript for various code examples but Javascript can also be used to implement the SDK with minor changes to the example code.


The Media Shuttle SDK is available from the npm registry as a NodeJS module.

npm install @signiant/media-shuttle-sdk

Once installation is completed, use the Media Shuttle SDK Module Reference to get started.

Note: The MediaShuttleResourceFactory class module is recommended as the entry point for your integration.

Signiant SDK License

The Media Shuttle SDK is available for use with a licensed Enterprise Media Shuttle account. For more information, contact Signiant Customer Care.

The Media Shuttle SDK is released under the Signiant SDK License. The Media Shuttle SDK may only be used by or on behalf of a Media Shuttle customer in good standing to develop applications for such customer’s internal business use. If you wish to sell, rent, make publicly available, transfer or otherwise distribute applications you develop using the Media Shuttle SDK, please contact Signiant Customer Care to discuss entering into a technology partner agreement with Signiant.

For more information see the license agreement.

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