This enum represents the various caller facing errors the application may throw. Implementations may optionally catch CodedError objects and define control behaviour on the basis of a specific error.

Enumeration Members

APP_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT: "app.connection.timeout"

There was a timeout when attempting to connect to the Signiant app.

Root causes could include:

  • The app has not been installed.
  • The app was installed but the user did not authorize the launch in the required time.
  • Network connectivity issues.
APP_CONNECTION_UNINITIALIZED: "app.connection.uninitialized"

The Signiant app connection was not initialized for an operation that requires the app.

App initialization should be done automatically when a download is generated.


Error thrown when the app may not be installed. This happens the first time the SDK is used but can be overwritten with the force flag when generating a transfer.

DECRYPTION_ERROR: "decryption.error"

Error while trying to decrypt message received.

ENCRYPTION_ERROR: "encryption.error"

Error while trying to encrypt message to publish.


Unknown problem while launching the Signiant App.

FILE_PERMISSIONS_DENIED: "file.permissions.denied"

The user does not have permission to download one or more of the specified files.

FILE_SELECTION_CANCELLED: "files.selection.canceled"

The user cancels the file selection cancelled

FILE_SELECTION_ERROR: "files.selection.error"

There was an error in the file selection

FOLDER_NOT_SELECTED: "folder.not.selected"

A folder was not selected by a user.

A user should be prompted for a destination folder automatically when a transfer is created.

FOLDER_SELECTION_CANCELED: "folder.selection.canceled"

The User canceled folder selection on download.

FOLDER_SELECTION_ERROR: "folder.selection.error"

There was an unknown error during folder selection.

LOGGER_INVALID: "logger.invalid"

The input does not conform to the expected logger format.

Null loggers are not allowed, If you wish to disable all logging consider turning the log level of the default logger to OFF.

NO_PROVIDER_ERROR: "no.provider.error"

There was no recognized provided in the relevant messaging config.

PORTAL_MEMBER_NOT_FOUND: "portal.member.not.found"

The user is not a member of the portal.

REQUEST_TIMEOUT: "request.timeout"

Used when request timeouts

STATE_TRANSITION_INVALID: "invalid.state.transition"

State transition is not valid.

Examples of this error include but are not limited to:

  • Attempting to start a transfer that has already been started.
  • Attempting to retry a transfer before a transfer was started.
TRANSFER_CONFIG_NOT_FOUND: "transfer.config.not.found"

Error code when attempting to start a transfer without the Transfer Config

TRANSFER_DESTINATION_MISSING_ERROR: "transfer.destination.not.found"

Error code when attempting to start a transfer without the destination

UNKNOWN_EVENT_TYPE: "error.type.unknown"

An event dispatched by the Signiant app was unknown.

This might represent a mismatch between the SDK version and the Signiant app version.

UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION: "unsupported.operation"

Operation not supported.

UNSUPPORTED_TRANSFER_DIRECTION: "transfer.unsupported.direction"

Currently only download operations are supported.


Error code when trying to start an upload without selected files

USER_PERMISSIONS_NOT_SET: "user.permissions.not.set"

The user does not have any member permissions on the portal.

WEBSOCKET_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT: "websocket.connection.timeout"

Websocket connection timed out after fixed interval.

WEBSOCKET_INITIALIZATION_ERROR: "websocket.initialization.error"

An unknown error occurred while initializing the websocket.

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