Get Started with Media Shuttle API

Signiant Media Shuttle provides APIs that allow you to automate and integrate Media Shuttle. The Media Shuttle Management API allows the ability to automate portal management, manage storage, and view transfer status. The System-To-Person API allows you to create links for end-users to upload or download files to integrate Media Shuttle transfers with Signiant Manager+Agents, media asset managers, digital asset managers, or other applications.

Read the Media Shuttle API documentation on SwaggerHub

Management API

Management API automates operations performed by Media Shuttle IT administrators or Operations administrators using the web console. The Management API allows you to automatically create portals, assign storage, manage users, and view active transfers.

All Media Shuttle subscriptions include Media Shuttle Management API.

Workflow Example - Creating a New Portal

The following image outlines the general workflow for creating a new portal using the Media Shuttle Management API. Click on the image to view a larger version.

Workflow Example - Viewing Active Transfers

The /transfers endpoint allows you to view transfer activity across all portals, including details about the transfer state and protocol, as well as the transfer rate, current file, and more.

System-to-Person Automation API

Integrate Media Shuttle with other systems in your media technology stack via the System-to-Person API.

Automated workflows driven by Signiant Manager+Agents can deliver content to individual users. Other systems such as a DAM or MAM can integrate Media Shuttle to your workflow for fast, easy, and secure content exchange.

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Signiant’s System-to-Person API allows you to create webhooks that authorize your application to receive information about portal events.

Webhooks send subscription updates to a URL when a transfer finishes.

Learn more about System-to-Person webhooks

Workflow Example - Creating an Upload/Download Token

The following image outlines the general workflow for creating an upload or download token for a Share Portal using the Media Shuttle System-to-Person Automation API. Click on the image to view a larger version.


To use Media Shuttle’s API, you must copy your API key from the Developer options.

  1. Log in to your IT Administration console.
  2. Click your user name to open the menu.
  3. Click Developer to view your API key.

    Developer options

  4. Click Copy to Clipboard to copy your API key to the clipboard.

To revoke API access to your Media Shuttle account, click Regenerate API key.