Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth management allows you to set and control the amount of bandwidth used by a file transfer job.


Limiting transfer bandwidth allows more control over network usage in cases where transfers are happening over a shared network, such as an office, or remote location.

Manage the bandwidth of your transfers when using the API to create a new job, or by applying limits to a pre-existing job via the /command endpoint.

Include specific Transport arguments as jobArgs within the call body.

Bandwidth Ceiling and Floor

A job’s bandwidth ceiling and floor set the overall maximum and minimum transfer rate over a network. These parameters limit the amount of bandwidth a transfer can use, and the minimum amount of bandwidth the transfer must use when using a network with high latency.

For example, the following job arguments will limit a job’s bandwidth to a ceiling (maximum) of 2 Mbps and floor (minimum) of 0.5:

"MediaDropBox.Transport.BandwidthCeiling": "2000000",
"MediaDropBox.Transport.BandwidthFloor": "500000"

Throttle By Time Of Day

Setting a throttle by time of day allows you to configure network traffic limits based on the time of day, and day of the week.

Note: Start and end times are set in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). You must adjust your start and end times for your time zone.

The Transport.BandwidthThrottleByTimeOfDay uses four main arguments within the string used to configure the job:

  • Throttle start time (UTC)
  • Throttle end time (UTC)
  • Days of the week (Sunday to Saturday)
  • Maximum transport bandwidth (bytes)

For example, the following job argument will limit a job’s bandwidth between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM UTC, to 25 MB/s, Monday through Friday, excluding Saturday and Sunday.

"MediaDropBox.Transport.BandwidthThrottleByTimeOfDay": "10:00;17:00;NYYYYYN;25000000;"